Law School to Big Law

The Underrated Risk When Pondering Law School

Even though the number of law school applicants is slightly down compared to this time last year, law school remains an attractive option for the ambitious and the brave. The traditional justifications are still alive, […]

Breaking out of inertia

How to Combat Fear, Stagnation, and Inertia

Earlier this year, I published a post on Urban20Something, a portal for young professionals seeking to escape quarter-life traps. The post focuses on how Millennials can break out of inertia in their careers. It is […]

Welcome to Adam Pascarella's blog


Welcome to my blog! I’m stoked to share my thoughts, opinions, and takes on topics ranging from U.S. politics to startups to sports. I’m a 29-year-old New York City resident with some eclectic interests, so […]